Brazilian Cut

Brazilian Cut

Brazilian bikinis and brazilian cut bikinis are the iconic swimsuit bottom style that have revolutionized the swimwear industry. From celebrities and top models to fashionistas across the globe, everyone loves the sultry appeal of brazilian bikini bottoms. A typical brazilian bikini will include a bottom that is narrower in the back than moderate or full coverage bottoms.  This means that the bottom will provide a “cheekier” fit at the backside. Better yet, brazilian cut bikinis are featured in a variety of cuts and styles: from string and caged to hipster-boyshort cut, the options for brazilian bikinis are endless! These bottoms can be mixed-and-matched with any swimsuit top style of your choosing. They are also designed in a variety prints, colors, and embellishments, from lace detailing to intricate beaded designs.

 The term "brazilian cut" came about from its place of origin: the brazilian bikini originated in Brazil, but it is now widely popular in Latin America and in many parts of Europe. This swimsuit cut is also referred to as the "Latin cut" or narrow cut because the bottom shows more skin than an “American” cut or full cut bottom. Brazilian cut bikinis are also commonly low rise in the front and a bit smaller than others. This attributes to the sexier, more feminine look that people love about these swimsuit bottoms. Many brazilian bikini bottoms even feature ruching down the center at the back; this design feature works to accentuate your backside and to provide for a more flattering and comfortable fit. These suits are fabulous and swimwear designers tend to favor the cheekier brazilian bikini bottoms than the full coverage bottoms because they help to flaunt your natural curves and beauty. 

What Makes the Brazilian Bikini Popular?

Brazilian bikinis have been popular for a while and continue to be the rage, especially among women who want to show off their figures. Brazilian bikini bottoms come in a variety of different styles but all share a similar trait. They all leave most of the woman’s back side exposed. The material of the bikini may cover slightly or it may be so thin that it is barely visible.

 This style of bikini certainly doesn’t leave much to the imagination and is a showstopper when you wear it on the beach. You will turn quite a few heads when you wear a gorgeous bikini that accentuates your best parts.

 Not only is the Brazilian swimsuit a way to show off your assets, but it is also a comfortable style of swimwear. Many women prefer this style because it is more freeing than other types and it gives you more exposure so you can get a full tan over most of your body.

Brazilian Bikini

Whether you are planning a vacation or simply want to purchase a swimsuit for the new upcoming beach season, you have many choices. Two piece swimsuits are popular and can be seen along the most famous beaches in the world. Two-piece bathing suits became stylish after World War II and continue to enjoy extreme popularity.

When you want to indulge yourself in a sexy and fun swimsuit, choose a Brazilian bikini. The Brazilian bikini is a two-piece swimsuit that typically includes a bottom that has narrow back fabric. The bikini bottom shows quite a bit of skin and is perfect for those who want to show off their beach bodies.

Tips for Choosing a Bikini

A bikini is a wonderful option for many women. Whether you plan to go into the pool or simply relax on the beach, a bikini is a great way to get a beautiful tan. The bikini top is typically made of two triangles of fabric that are sewn together with a sting or a cord. You can easily adjust the top to fit perfectly. The bikini top is meant to be small so that you expose some of the sides and top of your breasts.

Bikini tops and bottoms often match but you can also choose coordinating materials for a different look. The best way to accomplish this is to purchase two separate bikinis that have coordinating colors or patterns. This gives you the ability to mix and match to create different looks from the same two swimsuits.

If you are choosing a Brazilian style, make sure that the beach allows them. Some beaches may not approve of them, particularly if they are family-friendly. Purchase a coordinating swimsuit cover-up so you can wear your suit anywhere you like.

High cut bikini bottoms accentuate your stomach and belly button. Because they are quite small in size, you must make sure that you get the proper wax before you wear the suit to the beach. We offer a large selection of gorgeous, high quality swimsuits that will fit your body type, personality and budget.

Our Top Brazilian Bikin Bottoms at Orchid Boutique

Our cherry-picked selection of brazilian bikini bottoms also includes selections from elite designer swimwear brands like Luli Fama, Maylana, Verde Limon, Beach Bunny, Agua Bendita, Vitamin A Swimwear, and many others.

Our selection of brazilian bikinis is extremely extensive, our clients love them. These are some of the most popular styles among our clients: 

1- Maylana Teeny Brazilian Bottom - This is a classic seamless bottom. We offer it in a variety of prints and its reversible.Teeny bottoms in a print will always reverse to a solid, so its 2 bikinis for the price of one. Since this is a seamless bikini it wont leave any marks and will fit comfortably. All of our products have back view pictures, so take a look to make sure this brazilian cut style provides the right coverage. 
2- Maylana Rio Bottom - The Rio bottom was introduced in Maylana's 2019 collection. This is a brazilain bottom with high cut. If you are looking for that 80s retro look this is the style for you. 
3- Maylana Kim Bazilian One Piece - The Kim is one of Maylanas best-selling brazilian one pieces. If you are looking for a 'sexy' one piece this is it. It is available in clasic solids such as: Navy, mustard and Black and also in different prints. The Kim (print option) will reserve back to a solid. 
4- Maylana Ulie Brazilian Bottom - The Ulie bottom is another great style that offers adjustable strings on the side. Strings allow bottoms to be adjusted, so if you prefer string-side bottoms this is the right brazilian bikini for you. 
5- Maylana Skylar Brazilian One Piece - Another sexy brazilian one piece. The Skylar is a total show-stopper and our go-to sexy brazilian one piece style. The Skylar is available un solids and in a variety of different prints. The Skylar in black is one of our top selling styles, our customers love the fact that a one piece can be sexy as well. If you are a one piece lover, look no further. 
We at The Orchid Boutique believe the age old adage that if you got it, flaunt it, honey! Come discover our unique selection of brazilian bikinis and brazilian bikini bottoms at The Orchid Boutique today!