Cheeky Bottoms

Cheeky bikinis and cheeky cut bikinis are the iconic swimsuit bottom style that have revolutionized the swimwear industry. From celebrities and top models to fashionistas across the globe, everyone loves the sultry appeal of cheeky bikini bottoms. A typical cheeky bikini will include a bottom that is narrower in the back than moderate or full coverage bottoms. This means that the bottom will provide a narrower fit at the backside. Better yet, cheeky cut bikinis are featured in a variety of styles: from string and caged to hipster-boyshort cut, the options for cheeky bikinis are endless! These bottoms can be mixed-and-matched with any swimsuit top style of your choosing. They are also designed in a variety prints, colors, and embellishments, from lace detailing to intricate beaded designs. Our cherry-picked selection of cheeky bikini bottoms also includes selections from elite designer swimwear brands like Luli Fama, Agua Bendita, Maylana, Vitamin A Swimwear, and many others.

The cheeky bikini is now widely popular in Latin America and in many parts of Europe. This swimsuit cut is also referred to as the "Latin cut" or narrow cut because the bottom shows more skin than an “American” cut or full cut bottom. Cheeky cut bikinis are also commonly low rise in the front and a bit smaller than others. This attributes to the sexier, more feminine look that people love about these swimsuit bottoms. Many cheeky bikini bottoms even feature rushing down the center at the back; this design feature works to accentuate your backside and to provide for a more flattering and comfortable fit. These suits are fabulous and swimwear designers tend to favor the cheekier bikini bottoms than the full coverage bottoms because they help to flaunt your natural curves and beauty. At The Orchid Boutique believe the age old adage that if you got it, flaunt it, honey! Come discover our unique selection of cheeky bikinis and cheeky bikini bottoms at The Orchid Boutique today!

Cheeky Bikini Bottoms are the ultimate sexy swim trend! The skimpy and bold style that characterizes this trend is easily considered the most revolutionary change in the swim fashion world in the last eighty years. To say swimwear fashion used to be rare one hundred years ago, it’s an understatement. It used to be non-existent. Women used to wear wool-made long measured “bathing suits’’ to the beach and lakes. Going to the beach and swimming pool was not seen as a relaxing vacation activity, rather more like a workout for women.

Cheeky bottoms are generally confused with Brazilian cut bottoms. People simply cannot find a difference and that is because there is no difference at all! It is just another way to call this sexy style that indeed started out in the beaches of Brazil, where it inherited its renowned name. The United States adopted the design around 1957 and thanks to Bryan Hyland’s Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini song the style got famous and a crazy demand for cheeky bikinis started.

All you really need to go to the beach is a swimsuit. No matter your body size you can always wear a bikini or a one piece suit on your next trip. However, a cheeky bikini bottom is a wonderful choice when considering a more daring and sexy style. It is by far the best option out there in terms of style, look, fashion and attractiveness.

Cheeky bottoms are a remarkable way of mixing up your look without spending too much money buying extra garments and pareos that are more expensive and less revealing. It is one of the most used looks in terms of beach outfits because it simply looks that good! This beautiful bottom style is often paired up with high-neck, bandeau, bralette and halter style tops. Fashion gurus and experts in the industry assure that cheeky bikini bottoms are internationally considered the most attractive swim trend in the history of swim fashion and surely the most revolutionary one.

Moms sometimes tell me that they love cheeky bikini bottoms because they make them feel attractive and beautiful yet only few women dare to wear the style. The truth is moms tend to judge other moms all the time, there’s really no way to escape such gossip. That is why I recommend my “mommy” friends to just be themselves. Don’t let other people’s opinions cloud your better judgement and always choose what is best for you. Cheeky bikini bottoms are a not a thong, which means they offer more coverage and stability. You should never be ashamed to show your body and display your curves.

Cheeky bikinis are not thongs. Cheeky bikinis add more coverage to your back side covering it with a triangle-shaped portion of fabric that hides very well your intimate areas and provides a great deal of comfort to your behind. Yes, cheeky bikinis cover more than a thong but they also make your butt look firmer and larger. The triangle-shaped figure offers a great fit to the rear area and shapes the butt in such a nice way creating the impression of a larger, bigger and rounder shaped behind look that you would not want to take the bottom off. In the Orchid Boutique we have a multi-diverse range of cheeky bikini bottoms. Brands like Maylana, Orchid Label, Malai, Agua Bendita, Ondademar, Touche and Palmarosa have the most beautiful designs and styles in the market!

Maylana for instance is recognized by its beautiful Teeny and Rocco bottoms. Both are cheeky style bottoms that provide great fit and wonderful features like reversibility and hipster designs with a wider coverage around the hips for more balance and firmness. If your main goal during your beach day is a great tan, then cheeky bottoms are the way to go. Not only do they provide the necessary coverage and offer a marvelous fit but also they will make you get the most terrific tan this summer. Because when it comes to tanning less is literally more.

The best thing about this fashion style is that there are a trillion different designs available in the market to choose from. Cheeky bikini bottoms can have a caged design, ruffles, embroidery, crochet, macramé, reversibility, multicolor design, animal print, solid print and color block print. On The Orchid Boutique you will be able to find a wide range of cheeky bottoms with any feature combination. The brands that the Orchid Boutique offers are renowned, famous, high-quality and emblematic brands around the world. Their iconic bathing suits are well-known everywhere and portrayed in the Miami swim show in Florida every year. In this distinguished swim show brands showcase their latest collections and get ready to see if it’s accepted by the public. Maylana Swimwear was a big hit among swimsuit lovers at the 2017 Miami swim show, where they showcased their magnificent 2018 collection to the world. Their iconic prints: Americana and Botanic Gardens were one of the most successful prints at the show. There is no doubt the 2018 collection is going to be a grand success!

Maylana and Orchid Label are important brands in the swimsuit industry. The best thing is how they make their products. Their collections are hand crafted by Colombian bikini specialists. Each piece is carefully handled and crafted with the highest quality standards and the best fabrics and prints available in the market. Maylana Swimwear and Orchid Label make affordable, beautiful and high-quality bikinis to fill out that gap in the market for revolutionary swimwear brands. These are fast growing companies that demonstrate a massive potential to grow in the swim and sportswear industry.

The brands that offer the best cheeky bottoms in our web page have to definitely be Agua Bendita, Maylana and Touche! Agua Bendita for instance has beautiful cheeky bottoms like the: Sophia, Emmie, Mila and Lola collections. On the other hand Maylana has gorgeous Teeny and Rocco bottoms with a zillion different beautiful prints. Touche is the color block expert. You will be able to find lots of color block styles in cheeky bottoms like Onix, Amabel and Faded. There is really a right style for everyone so don’t wait and get yourself a new bikini to show off at summertime!

Cheeky bikini bottoms is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. In our web page you will be able to find a ton different styles and designs to pick from. The best thing is that you don’t even have to leave your house; you will get your swimsuit right at your front door! People generally buy swimsuits to go on vacation or to a special pool party during summer. That is why we believe in giving our customer’s the best service possible. We understand we are not solely selling bathing suits but also memories and experiences.