Color Block

Color Block

Color block bikinis are always a classy and trendy choice. Color block is a timeless trend that will always be around not only for swim, but also for ready to wear. 

Color block is not only fun, it looks great on all body shapes and sizes.  One of many advantages is that it can disguise those little problem tummy areas, making you look taller, slimmer, elongating your torso and even adding volume depending on the position and combination of the blocks for a shapely look. You will definitely feel trendy and confident!

Designers have created beautiful, classic, vibrant and fun color block combinations for this coming spring season. Some of the color combinations include: Navy blue and beige, navy blue, beige and a sparkle of white, black and beige, navy blue and red, military green and beige, white and beige, white and navy blue, red and beige, peach and aqua. Amazing, daring and playful, so many color combos to pick from!

Neutral color combinations are some of the best for spring. If you prefer darker colors, there are plenty of options with navy blue. Navy blue creates that nautical vibe that everyone loves and it’s not as harsh as black while still creating the same slimming effect. The color combination you chose is something to keep in mind in order to achieve your desired look. If you are looking for to reduce volume, select pieces that have the darkest colors in those problem areas. For example, to reduce volume around your hips and tummy area, choose a piece that has the darker tones towards the bottom of the swimsuit. If your goal is to accentuate and add volume to an area, like your bust, simply pick a color block swimsuit that has the lighter color combination on the top. To visually slim your waistline, chose a swimsuit with dark side inserts. Side inserts and vertical color blocks are especially effective if you have a short torso and want to elongate it while creating beautiful curves.

Other advantages when you chose a color block swimsuits is the endless color combination options you will have. Have fun choosing a cover up that matches one or more color in your swimsuit. Mixing and matching pieces is made super easy and fun for bikinis. You can effortlessly incorporate solid color pieces you may already own with new color block pieces. These tips will maximize your wardrobe in super stylish ways. 

Finally, remember that at the time of selecting the perfect swimsuit for you, color block pieces offer many reasons to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Choose a swimsuit that looks and feels great on you. You will glow with confidence in the right swimsuit, and everyone will take notice. 

Nothing speaks louder than a confident, self-assured, chic woman with impeccable taste and a beautiful radiant tan, so dare yourself to try and live to the max, color block is waiting for you.