Estivo is a Colombian brand founded in 2009 and explores the majesty of nature, reflected in the aroma of mountains and forests, the textures of the deserts, exotic fauna and flora, the magic of sunsets and the greatness of landscapes full of color and life. It represents the magical and surreal journey, in which we will discover the true meaning of Nomadic life with different aesthetics and artistic silhouettes; and letting us being able to feel the passion and artistry of the hand-craft work, reflected in embroideries, engravings, guipures, and textile techniques that pass from generation to generation.

The story of Estivo new collection journey comes to an end when we arrive to “the promised land”… that new world we dream about, a world full of color, love and diversity… a world where borders or races do not exist.

For many, swimwear buying can be a little more complicated since finding eco friendly materials and fabrics can’t be found in many brands, that is why Estivo swimwear found itself building multiple eco friendly trends for everybody and every body. The versatile and ethical brand provides multiple designs for your choice to be a conscious shopper and feel happy. More and more swimwear brands are joining in this inspiring revolution of creating amazing and beautiful designs with eco friendly materials by the past few years. From choosing tencel, organic cotton and recycled materials many brands have evolved to be responsible manufactures and motivate and create a change.

The beautiful style Estivo swimwear always represents the look of modest, mature and classy women with a sophisticated taste in clothes. The variety in the silhouettes and designs brings from delicate designs with solid colors to sassy designs with flattering cuts perfect for any types of body.

The handmade designs features classic and comfortable styles of bottoms, tops and one pieces perfect for those clients who are looking for comfortable swimsuits, accessible and eco friendly.  The extensive new 2019 collection brings an amount of different styles of bottoms and tops, from high cut bottoms, full coverage, and scrunch bottoms to amazing bralette tops, triangle tops and comfortable crop tops

This variety of styles will give you the possibility to find the perfect combination for your body type.

Estivo swimsuits embraced since the past collections, unique prints and colors that represent the flora, fauna and the colors of deserts. These creative elements represent innovation that mix with unique textures and comfortable designs. From ruffles to ruched designs, Estivo swimwear brings up feminine beauty with high quality materials.

This one of a kind brand provides many designs, from bralette and triangle tops to tankini and crop tops creating the idea that is a brand for any type of body! The beauty of this brand is that it can bring modest and comfortable designs with unique touches in every style. The distinguish brand’s new collection provides many styles of one pieces with ruffles, ruched details, open back designs and deep cleavage cuts that will definitely attract the attention of many with this ultimate gorgeous arrivals; they also provide tummy control with flattering designs.

The new arrivals from the 2019 collection brings the perfect combination of prints and textures; from polka dots to floral, to tropical and off course the elegant solid colors. Besides the variety of prints and colors, the textures of the entire collection are inspired on the natural and fresh beauty of the body. Not only you will find stunning designs for women but also the new trend of matching outfit for mom and daughter as well for men.

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