High Cut

High Cut

High-cut swimsuits dominated the 80’s and 90’s. Bottoms were made to fit just over the hips, showcasing a curvier and slenderer figure on women. High-cuts make up the perfect swimsuit to sexily show off your legs. Also called the “Baywatch” style it is bathing suit design that is characterized by having a higher cut that displays a bigger exposure of the leg, thigh and hip bones.

High Cut Swimsuit

Planning your vacation wardrobe requires at least several new swimsuits. You want to choose swimsuits that are fashionable and that look good on your body type. One of the current style trends that is especially popular is the high cut swimsuit. High cut bathing suits were popular in the 80’s and they are making a return appearance. This time they are updated and are made from beautiful fabrics and high quality construction.

Choosing a High Cut Swimsuit

A high cut swimsuit is one in which the bottom sides are cut high, sometimes close to the waist. This type of bathing suit bottom shows a lot of leg on the side. High cut refers to the bottom style of a one-piece suit or the style of the bottom of a two-piece.  This is a revealing suit but one that can look good on a variety of different body types.

High cut bathing suits also become commonly known as “Baywatch” suits because they were popularized on this famous television show. This style suit reveals a lot of leg. It can make a short woman appear much taller because it elongates the form and creates the illusion that the legs go on almost forever.

Suits that cut extremely high, up to the hips, can be flattering for many women. The overall look can make a woman look slimmer and more athletic. This type of suit creates an illusion of a trim and tall figure regardless of the shape and size of the woman who is wearing the creation.


High Cut/ High Leg One Piece Swimsuits

At the Orchid Boutique we offer a large selection of high cut swimsuits. When you want a stunning high cut one piece suit consider brands such as Maylana, Touche, Vitamin A and our exclusive Orchard Label suits. Some suits have interesting side or back detailing such as lacing and criss-crosses.

Maylana has wide selection of one piece high cut one piece swimsuits. Some of our more popular styles are: 

1- Kim One Piece: This high cut one piece also offers a deep back and exposes some cleavage. It a sexy one piece available in different solid colors and prints. The most popular Kim High Cut one pieces are the black, navy, red and mustard.  

2- Skylar High Cut One Piece: The Skylar offers a lot less coverage than the Kim. This is definitely the way to go if you are looking for a super high cut sexy one piece. It is available in a variety of solid colors and prints.

3- Jess High Cut Macrame One Piece: The Jess One Piece is the most conservative of these 3 options. This high cut one piece also includes macrame details on the sides. 

Color is important when choosing a bathing suit. You can almost never go wrong with a solid color suit regardless of your shape or size. When you choose stripes remember that vertical stripes elongate the body while horizontal stripes tend to create more width.

Floral patterns lend a feminine appeal to the suit as do flouncy skirts. These feminine touches may be just what you need if you have a slender, boyish figure. To add more curves, pick a suit with a top that pushes up your bosom. Accentuate a plentiful top with a low cut or deep v neckline. A one piece suit hides a lot of your middle so you may feel more comfortable at the beach.

Two piece suits continue to be as popular as ever. You can choose a two piece high cut swimsuit that will give you the same features as a one piece if you prefer. Two piece suits reveal more of the mid section so they are ideal for those with flat abs.

Regardless of your size or shape you will find a large selection of trendy, high quality swimwear to suit your needs and your budget.


80s High Cut Swimsuits - The Baywatch Style


The Baywatch series - a widely successful show around the world about life guards- made famous the “Baywatch” style and popularized the design around the world. Suddenly, all women wanted to look like Pamela Anderson at the beach in a red high-rise one piece.

When I think about trendsetting swimwear fashion, high-cut styles come to mind first. This effortlessly chic trend has been around for a while but recently more and more celebs have been gushing about it. From fashion magazines like Vogue to Instagram posts by Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Nicky Minaj, everyone is talking about it. High-cut swimwear has been deeply successful in 2017 but the collections that are coming out for 2018 will make you fall even more in love with the style!

At The Orchid Boutique we understand that styles always come back and get trendy again. That is why we have a vast range of swimsuits and brands to choose from. Maylana Swimwear is considered one of the most valuable brands in our large collection. Maylana has just released its 2018 collection and we could not be any happier. One of its most popular designs is the striking Skylar One Piece in its various prints. The most acclaimed prints in the collection are the Red Poppies, Black, White, Aqua, Beige, Studio 54 and Americana.

Swimsuits may be a common thing nowadays but high-cut bikinis are still not massively used around the world despite being one of the most fashionable bathing suit styles in the market. Designers and Fashion gurus from the best swim brands around the globe say high-cut styles should be the most used design at the beach. The higher the better, they say. A cut above the hips is extremely powerful in slimming down a women’s figure and overall look. The high-rise style creates the illusion of a slimmer waist and longer thighs to portray a taller and slimmer female physique. The V shape figure of the bottom creates an optical illusion that appears to frame the body to look like an hour glass body type.

Most women would never consider wearing high-cut bathing suits due to the fear of being judged or simply because they think a swimsuit should hide their problem areas. But, what if women started really displaying and loving their bodies as they are? We would all become more receptive and that fake idea that sexy swimsuits are for models will forever disappear from our conscious and subconscious mind.


Choosing the Perfect High cut Look for your Body Type


High-rise swims have a zillion benefits for women bodies. The most amazing by far is that high-cutting literally re-shapes the body by making the waist smaller and the whole figure curvier by enhancing the hip bones. The second greatest feature is for women with short legs. High-rise beachwear like the Skylar One Piece by Maylana Swimwear is the perfect bathing suit to show off longer legs and get that svelte look you have always wanted to have. In the Orchid Boutique you can shop by categories, trends or brands. We think a multi-brand online store should be well distributed in order to give our customer’s the user-friendly service they deserve. That is why anyone can access our web page and easily find exactly what they need. If this is not the case our customer service line is available during the day to resolve any issue our doubt you may have while purchasing our products.

The best thing about the high-cut style is that is not only for bikini bottoms but also for one pieces and monokinis! Actually, when the style was firstly introduced in the 80’s it was made famous as a feature for one pieces. The high-rise fashion was born when the high-waisted trend paired up with the Brazilian cut. High-waisted styles have been famous for more than a century because they are conservative and easy to pull-off. On the other hand Brazilian cuts are a recent invention that cheekily showcases your butt to give it a firmer and rounder form. The high-waisted style mixed with a brazilian-cut at the rear creates the perfect high-cut design combining the best of both worlds.

I believe women should always wear what makes them comfortable but at the same time they should get out of their comfort zone and understand that a swimsuit is not a garment purposely made to hide your flaws but to highlight your best zones.

High Cut Maylana Styles

Maylana Swimwear the designer bathing suit brand has a spectacular range of products and swimwear fashion that can highly benefit your body type. High-cut bathing suits are extremely favorable for short girls with petite hour-glass bodies that want to show off more of their legs and hips. Curvy girls with pear-shaped body types also look great with high-rise styles because it accentuates more the hips and it slims down the waist. The Giana One Piece and Monokini swimsuit is a vibrant bikini by Maylana Swimwear that is often confused for a high-cut bikini. This beautiful one piece can look like a high-cut style depending on the woman that is wearing it. Thanks to the caged design at the sides, the Giana Monokini will look just like the Skylar One Piece in the bottom area if it is worn by someone tall. However, if a short person wears it, it might look like your average one piece bikini. The Skylar One Piece does not have this feature because it was designed to look like a high-cut swim at all times.

If you are between 5’0 feet – 5’6 feet tall a high-cut style bottom or one piece will always be your best friend at the beach! Now, if you prefer to hide your highly exposed hips while eating in front of the beach or while drinking some margaritas with your friends, you can always pair up your high-cut swim with a lovely Pareo. Agua Bendita, Palmarosa, Touche and Palmacea have lovely designs with different colors and textures. If you want something more close-fitting you can try cover ups or rompers on top of your beautiful high-cut swimwear. These essential beachwear clothing is vital to get the lovely fashionista look. Because who does not want to look like an Instagram blogger on their next vacation?

High-cut swimsuits are the preferred swim style for a ton of celebrities. Emily Ratajkowski, Selena Gomez, Kourtney Kardashian and Ashley Graham are well-known fans of the high-rise design. These celebs love posting images of their beautiful and fit physiques on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Videos and pictures that go viral are measured by the number of likes and comments that a post receives. This shows how much the spectators enjoy and like the content of the post. Sometimes it all goes down to pure emotion. Bikini posts are often the most-liked pictures on Instagram because they give people a sense of what’s real. The female body is a work of art and no one should ever feel afraid of showing it to the world in a sexy high-cut one piece.

High-cut swimming suits look flawless on any body type. The key is to love your body and show off your curves as they are. No extra covering or guilty feeling. Let your skin be free and feel proud of your body and life. Sometimes it’s really not about the destination but about your self-love journey and a simple swimsuit can make you realize how much love you deserve.

The next time you go to the beach and you are looking for the perfect swimsuit to show off your beautiful body do not hesitate and get yourself a high-cut bikini or one piece. The adaptability of the trend is highly praised in the swim fashion world. It is also regarded as transcendental between A-list celebs and supermodels in the industry. You will by far be the sexiest bombshell at the beach!