High Waisted Swimsuits

High Waisted Swimsuits

High waisted bikini and high waisted swimwear have become all the rage in the last couple of years with the comeback of pinup flair. Popping up in places like the Sex and the City movie and high fashion magazines like Vogue, high waisted bikini bottoms have now become a staple of fashion when it comes to beachwear. Now also referred to as "midkinis", high waisted bathing suits feature bottoms that come up to the belly button area instead of sitting lower in the waist.

Aside from its fashionable style, high waisted bikinis and high waisted swimwear bottoms serve as a great look to hide unflattering imperfections of your lower abdomen. High waisted bikini bottoms from designers such as: Maylana, Orchid Label, and Vitamin are the bottoms of choice of some of the hottest celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Reese Witherspoon.

Some of the newer options for high waisted swimwear include a reversible pattern or ruched waist which allows the user to bring down the top portion of the bottom and wear it in a more standard way at their preference. A midkini was coined after the very fashionable rib drift trend came about this season. A rib drift bikini is basically a tall high waisted swimsuit that exposes the upper rib cage area and provides a tube top piece above. With all of these options for super chic and trendy high waisted bathing suits, you will surely find the right style that fits your unique personality. Come discover our selection of high waisted swimwear and high waist swim bottoms at The Orchid Boutique today!

When you think about flattering sexy fashion high-waisted bottoms must come to mind. This is a relatively old fashion style that makes women feel more comfortable. The high waisted retro look does a great job covering your tummy and accentuating your upper body. It is well known that high-waisted bikinis date back decades and were always considered the “right style for women” in terms of comfort and the deep beliefs of a very reserved generation. Women were supposed to be conservative, courteous and well mannered. This shaped the behavior of women along the years and consequently the clothes they wore and liked.

Swimwear was no exception. Women used to wear one piece swimsuits to go to the beach, the pool or the lake. As time went by swim fashion evolved too and bikinis made their way into the fashion game. Suddenly, the go to look for 40’s women was a chic halter style top with the iconic high-waisted bottom, like the girls from the retro Coca Cola ads.

Starting in the 1940’s the high-waisted bikini bottom trend really started to take off. It was first introduced as the middle ground between the modest one piece swimsuits and the strikingly revealing bikinis that just covered the intimate areas. As time went by the style started to gain more popularity when famous celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor use to wear them for magazine covers. High-waisted clothing in general was considered a waist trainer that would adjust women’s figures into a more hour glass kind of shape. Nowadays, high-waisted bottoms are the definition of classy retro style and are worn by people that recognize valuable ageless fashion.

At The Orchid Boutique we take pride in our unique selection of high-waisted bikinis. This past season our favorite high-waisted style was the Dayja High Waisted bottom. This bottom has laced details on the side. These lace side details will show just enough skin and give this high-waisted style a sexy look, but still keeping it classy. The Dayja bottom is by Maylana, a brand that has included the high-waisted look as an essential part of their 2017 and 2018 collections

Throughout the last century the high-waisted bottom trend has changed a lot. At the beginning of the 20th century women were taught to be reserved, virtuous and gracious. They wore long ankle-length clothes and swimwear. The restrictions for women’s bathing suits was so ingrained in people’s culture and lifestyle, police officers used to hang out at the beach with a measuring tape searching for women with skirts shorter than the limit skin exposure length. If this rule was violated a ten dollar fee and jail were the punishments imposed by the beach censors.

Nowadays, all you need to go to the beach is a swimsuit. No matter your body size you can always rock a bikini or a one piece suit on your next vacation. However, a high-waisted bikini bottom is a great choice when considering a two piece option but still wanting some modesty at the stomach area. It is by far the best option out there in terms of comfort, look, fashion and low-cost. High-waisted bottoms are a stupendous way of mixing up your look without spending too much money buying monokinis or one pieces that are often more expensive and less revealing. Besides, high-waisted bottoms have a wide range of uses in the fashion industry.

Celebrities, stars and influential women wear it all the time to red carpet events, music festivals, socialite parties and award shows. It is one of the favorite looks for formal and informal events because it simply looks that good! This beautiful bottom style is often paired up with bandeau or bralette style tops. Fashion gurus and experts assure that high-waisted bottoms are universally considered the epitome of elegant and flattering fashion.

Celebs such as Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Bella Thorne and Naomi Watts wear this famous design repeatedly on vacations, beach getaways and pool parties. The bottom is generally worn three inches over the navel, which means it covers the belly button completely.

Although it was initially invented to cover the skin under the belly button due to the strict beliefs of the time, women now choose to wear it because it is simply a one of a kind style that display a retro, vintage and cool look. It also portrays the illusion of an elongated torso, hence the appearance of a more defined and slender figure. Not to mention it is Taylor Swift’s favorite swim style and she has made it clear by wearing it on music videos and vacations with her squad.

Every time girls think about going on vacation their first thought is: I have to start a diet and two: I need a new bikini. It really shouldn’t be that difficult. High-waisted bottoms are the best option for girls that think like that. It lets you feel comfortable in your own skin and will make you feel like a runway model on your next trip.

At the Orchid Boutique we have a broad-spectrum of high-waisted bottoms ideal for any event. We think buying a bikini should be an amazing and happy experience and you should savor all of it. Maylana and Orchid Label have fantastic high-waisted bottom styles; Maylana for instance has the beautiful Dayjah bottom with an elegant caged design along the sides and a sophisticated moderate coverage Kapono Bottom. Orchid Label takes pride in having the Lulu and Jake high-waisted bottoms with caged and macramé features. Both brands are recognized by their sophisticated style yet lively prints when it comes to designer swimwear.

The best thing about this fashion style is that you can find a zillion different designs. High-waisted bottoms can have a caged design, ruffles, embroidery, crochet, macramé, reversibility, multicolor design, animal print, solid print and color block print. On The Orchid Boutique you will be able to find an extensive variety of high-rise bottoms with any of the features or combination of features listed above.

The most renowned brands in this category are Maylana, Orchid Label, Palmarosa, Malai, Agua Bendita, Touche and Ondademar. Their iconic bathing suits are well-known around the world and portrayed in the Miami swim show in Florida every year. In this distinguished swim show brands showcase their latest collections and get ready to see if it’s well-received by the public. Maylana Swimwear was a big hit among swimsuit lovers at the 2017 Miami swim show, where they showcased their magnificent 2018 collection to the world. Their iconic prints: Red Poppies and Studio 54 were one of the most acclaimed prints at the show. There is no doubt the 2018 collection is going to be huge success this year and the ones to come.

High waisted bottoms were trendy one hundred years ago and will still be fashionable one hundred years from now. It is a well-known style that lets you be free and spontaneous. It flatters your every curve and makes you look more slender. Also, the variety of designs and styles available in the market and it our own Orchid Boutique selection makes of this trend one of the most versatile ones. It is just amazing how well-received the design is throughout the swim fashion industry and A-list celebrities. High-waisted bottoms can easily be considered one of the most used swim trends in history. The best part is that it shows no sign of slowing down!