Macrame bikinis are the next big trend in swimwear. Macrame is the art of creating shapes and textiles using knots instead of weaving or knitting. The knots are hand-made and pieces could take hours or sometimes days to be completed. For starters, macrame bikinis offer an innovative style that varies from the usual flat construction. This gives the illusion of a more elaborate bikini. The macrame construction allows for a sexier silhouette. Macrame swimsuits will be the hot new trend this summer and next, so why not shop for one now? We already have an incredibly wide selection of macrame swimsuits for you to peruse and jump ahead of the fashion game. The macramé bikini give off a boho-chic vibe. These tops are perfect for the beach, yachting, or even the pool.

But even more than that, a macrame top can be worn as clothing! Throw your swimsuit top on with some high-waisted shorts, or some recently-trending overalls, and you have a whole new look! Perfect for beach to bar, or even to rock out in at music festivals! Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Rihanna were seen macramé swimsuits at high-profile events. Everyone loves details in bikinis, and this is a brand new way to get that look while showcasing a brand new trend! Macrame bikinis have been all over the runway, created by luxury designers that we carry. Not only do you get a fashionably fierce look, but it takes on a retro edge. All of our macrame swimsuits are versatile in their color and design work, so be prepared to be blown away with our collection.

This season Maylana has included this technique in a lot of its pieces adding a unique touch. Maylana included macramé on the back and side of one piece bathing suits creating stunning statement pieces.  You are sure to catch everyone’s attention this summer when wearing a macramé bikini or one piece. This is for sure one of pour top looks for this 2018 swim season. Shop this all new trend, macrame bikinis, at The Orchid Boutique today!