Moderate Coverage

Moderate Coverage

Moderate coverage bikini bottoms or moderate coverage one pieces are perfect if you are looking for a look that is not too concealing but neither revealing, it is a great cut that suits all body types. Moderate coverage swim bottoms are a great option when you want slightly more coverage than a cheeky cut but not as much as a full cut bottom. Our selection of moderate coverage bikini and swimsuits bottom is very wide; here at The orchid Boutique you can find a great variety of sexy cuts and styles:  from hipster-boyshort cut to caged high cut and high waisted bottoms, the options for moderate bikinis are endless! This moderate cut is appropriate for all ages and it’s meant for every single occasion, from a family trip to the lake to a great party with friends in Copacabana.

Swimsuit bottoms with moderate coverage are a great option when you want slightly more bikini coverage as compared to a Brazilian cut or a cheeky bottom. They are designed in a variety prints, colors, and various handmade details, from lace detailing to intricate beaded designs. You can perfectly mix and match these moderate coverage bottoms with one of our vast variety of tops. The most important thing about the bottom coverage is that you feel comfortable and happy on a sunny day with your body.

If you are a person that loves to practice watersports, this coverage is what you are looking for. Thanks to the moderate coverage you will be able to move around, run, swim, jump and do much more while feeling confident that all will stay in place.  

It is not always easy to find the right bottom to engage in water activities, but for sure you will find your perfect fit in our boutique. All of the moderate coverage bottoms we feature are top notch, the best quality and designs in the market.

The moderate coverage swim bottom will make you look sexy while discreet, if you don’t want to wear a granny panty but neither a thong this coverage is your go. Most of our designers provide the same bottom in different coverage, full, moderate and Brazilian. For us is very important to give our customers the best experience, and to make them feel that they can get what they like in the coverage they prefer.  

This bottoms are perfect for all the bodies, for example if you have an inverted triangle shaped body we will recommend a moderate coverage in a hipster boyshort bottom, if you have an hourglass shaped body we recommend a moderate coverage in a tie side bottom, if you have a pear shaped body we recommend a high waisted bottom, if you have a straight shaped body we recommend a high cut bottom. As stated before the most important thing when choosing your swimsuits is that you feel comfortable. Here at The Orchid Boutique we have many fashion specialists that will gladly help you pick the perfect bottom for the occasion and body type!