Mommy & Me

Mommy and Me Matching Swimwear

We’re into the twinning thing. We’re obsessing over the matching mommy and me swimsuit thing. The secret to having both mom and daughter looking great is to develop swimwear fabrics that work for both adults and children. There are styles that look great in mommy and me swimwear looks, or they are swimsuits that you can wear as complementary to each other’s looks. For example, if ruffles are on trend for the season, we develop ruffle tops that are appropriate for mom and then match them with a girl’s one piece swimsuit with ruffles as well. Suits can also vary in silhouette yet be paired together as a set in the same fabric/print.

The thing about mommy and me bikinis is that the look has to work for both woman and kid. The secret is developing fabric that works for both generations. Sometimes, mommy wants to cover up the belly area to hide minor imperfections. That’s totally alright. In those cases, the one piece swimsuit option works for mom, while the daughter can wear a two-piece swimsuit in the same print. If both of them are into the identical twin look, then there are numerous styles that work for both adults and children. I know moms who choose the same silhouette but decide to wear a solid suit suit that combines perfectly with a fun print in the same style. In those cases we do a coordinating mom-daughter look of sorts, allowing both can go swimming together while coordinating in a theme.

We’ve focused on creating a collection of matching family looks because we’ve noticed there aren’t a lot of brands that can match suits that fit both mom and girl, boy and husband. We have matching husband and wife swimsuits and matching mother and son suits that can also vary in silhouette but carry the same theme or print. If the whole family wants to do the twinning thing, we’re all over that too.

Let’s be honest, something the hubs or boyfriend doesn’t want to do the matching swimsuit thing. The goal is to make matchy matchy “cool”, and to offer men’s swimwear trunk options that match with the mommy and daughter looks. Why not go swimming in style (and by style we mean the looks the female chooses, because of course we all know we have better taste in general).