Swim styles are endless. There are two pieces, one pieces and most notoriously the relatively new trend style: Monokini. This sexy new style of bathing suit consists of a one piece that looks like a two piece from the back. It can feature an open back, laced-siding details, caged design and a unique cut that lets you stand out at any time. Monokini swimwear is not as new as people think. Actually it dates back to the 1960’s where they were initially created to be topless, used as a way to rebel against the established man-world society. Actresses as renowned as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor used to wear Monokinis all the time for photoshoots, magazine covers and vacations. It is crazy to the monokini has been relevant since the 1960s.

The very fashionable trend for this year is the sexy fashion monokini, which essentially is a one-piece cutout swimsuit. Sexy monokinis and monokini swimwear come in a variety of styles such as halter, triangle, brazilian cut monokinis, push up monokinis, and much more. Find, buy, and shop for monokinis on sale here, as well as designer styles that will make heads turn. Sexy monokinis look great on hour glass shapes and are original twist to the conventional bikini or one-piece swimsuit.

For 2019 we expect Monokinis to continue at the top of swim trends. All of our top selling brands have included monokinis in their collection. A new style that is set to turn heads is the 'Nina Monokini' by Maylana. This style is available in a variety of colors and prints. It is a classic monokini silhoutte with cut-outs on the side. The bottom offers brazilian coverage and ruching on the back. This 'scrunch' butt look is very flattering and it gives your behind an amazing shape. We expect the Nina Monokini to be a favorite this season. This monokini would be perfect for many occasions including: spring break, beach getaway, pool party, lake party or even a great look for the beach bar with a pai of denim shorts. 

The great thing about monokini cutouts is that they are one piece swimsuits as well as bikinis, a sort of fusion of both styles. They are also figure flattering; monokinis help to accentuate your natural curves while providing enough coverage to keep you comfortable and looking good! When these sexy styles came back into fashion a couple of years ago, many critics thought they would be just a phase, but the sexy monokini trend has remained strong throughout the season. Monokini swimwear and fashion cutouts show no sign of slowing down.

When I think about Monokinis, I think about fun, trendy, fashion styles that showcase luxury, beauty and glamour. It is by far the best way to display your beautiful curves and powerful physique without sharing too much skin. Monokinis came back to the scene when distinguished celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Paris Hilton and Adriana Lima started wearing them on their family vacations. These eye-catching pictures taken by paparazzi have become the cover of well-known magazines in the fashion and gossip industry all over the world.

Bikinis get boring after a while and Monokinis are the perfect way to mix it up, be daring but at the same time linger that bit of mystery and appeal that makes this swimwear style so special. The most fantastic feature of the Monokini is that it fits great on all body shapes and styles. It doesn’t matter if you have a straight, hour glass, inverted triangle, diamond or pear shape body type there will always be a Monokini that will flatter your body.  A lot of brands have offered us their take on monokini, but we wanted to highlight a few that have done a stellar job: Maylana Swimwear, Orchid Label, Ondademar, Agua Bendita, Malai, Mar de Rosas, and Vitamin A. Their designs are unbelievably gorgeous and stylish.

At Orchid Boutique we have the best designer monokini selection online. It’s a very difficult task to rank these styles, but I’ll do my best.  My top 4 monokinis are the: The Alden White by Orchid Label Swimwear, The Dani Lanikai by Orchid Label Swimwear, The Giana Watermelon by Maylana Swimwear and  the Maribel Maillot by Vitamin A.

Lets start with The Alden White Monokini by Orchid Label Swimwear. It is incredibly chic and stylish. The first thing that will impress you from this swimsuit is its beautiful cut-out style. It has a fashionable cut in the shape of a “U” right on the middle of the torso that well resembles a shark bite, a sexy one shoulder design and moderate coverage at the rear. This sexy Monokini is also reversible to Lanikai so it’s basically two bathingsuits for the price of one. A must-have purchase definitely. This kind of swim style Monokini it’s perfect for hour glass, straight shape and pear shaped body types.

The Dani Lanikai Monokini by Orchid Label Swimwear is also an essential buy for your next summer vacation or pool party. It is simply the perfect bathing suit for any occasion because it is classy, glamorous and chic. It features a stunning halter style that ties at neck, bust straps with ruched detail along the bust, an open back, high waisted bottom and moderate coverage at rear. 


Everything about this swimsuit screams WOW that is why it is my go-to swimsuit for any event. It can be worn by anyone because it simply provides a perfect fit along the waist and a sexy open back that will attract all the looks. Even though I believe any body type can wear this very versatile Monokini, the figures that look the best in it are pear, diamond, inverted triangles and hourglass shapes. 

The Giana Watermelon Monokini is a bestseller like no other. The freshness and youth it radiates is widely acclaimed by customers all over the globe due to its adaptability and style. It features a delicately elegant caged design at the sides, a slight V neck cut at front, a high cut style and Brazilian cut coverage at the rear. You can also pair up this Monokini with shorts or jeans and have immediately a sexy outfit to go out on a date, walk along the beach, hit the bar or simply enjoy an evening stroll at your chosen destination. This chic Monokini is reversible as well to a beautiful Aqua color which makes it the perfect swimsuit for any vacation because you will basically get two items for the price of one. Now that’s a bargain.

The exclusively elegant Maribel Maillot Monokini by Vitamin A is just pure bliss. It is a fantastic piece of clothing perfect for any occasion and vacation. It features an extraordinary cut out just over the bust section that just screams fashionista! It is also a high cut swimsuit which will help reveal all of your beautiful curves and accentuate your figure. Black swimsuits will never go out a style and definitely not a Monokini like this one.

The most flattering Monokini style has to be by far the Dani Monokini by Orchid Label. I just can’t get enough of it, it has the perfect style, fit and features in a bathing suit. It is ideal for any woman and body type. You can find it with different prints: Dani Lanikai, Dani Palm D’or, Dani Stripes, Dani Black and Dani Lemon Tinsel.

This trend style doesn’t seem to be ending soon, it is a common favorite between artists, actresses, celebrities and lots influential people all over the globe. On every swim show, swim store or swim site Monokinis will always have a special place to be shown and admired. Monokinis are indeed the middle ground in terms of swimsuit style. It is not as modest as a one piece suit nor as revealing as a bikini, and it lets you choose what part of your body you want to flaunt and what part you would rather cover. In a way it is an extremely versatile trend that lets you play with its features and look for the ones that pleases and fits you the best.

You can get a diverse range of styles and coverage. To name a few you can get ruffles, halter, strapless, wrap up, V neck cut, full coverage, moderate coverage, Brazilian cut, high cut, high waisted or hipster.

Swim styles may come and go but Monokinis are here to stay. This revolutionary swim trend is offering women a new diverse and exciting way to dress up for the beach and always look fabulous. If I’m honest a Monokini appeals and grabs way more attention than a simple two piece bikini. It holds that magical mystery that is often hard to find in terms of swim style variety and it is such a diverse style you will for sure find one literally perfect for you.

If you want to look fabulous, beautiful, trendy and a la mode on your next pool party, vacation or beach day don’t hesitate and get yourself a flattering Monokini that will always make you feel superb. High cuts, Brazilian cut and V neck cuts are a favorite between customers, not just because of how popular the style is between celebrities but also because of how flattering and comfortable it can be.

Monokinis are important. They showcase beauty, glamour and confidence between women of all ages and sizes. It is a highly flexible trend style that is gaining popularity at an impressive fast rate and with no sign of slowing down. Celebrities and the best swimwear brands all over the world know this that is why there’s so much fuzz over this swim tendency that will surely mark a significant stage in the world of fashion and history itself.

Monokinis are also a great style for different body types and also a great and fashionable way to cover those small body imperfections or scars. Many women are looking for some coverage in their tummy areas specially after giving birth, but at the end of the day that idea is to also find a sexy look. A monokini definitely fits the above criteria, that is why its one of our top selling styles as it combines functionality and fashion. The monokini is a versatile style that every women should have as an essential part of their wardrobe.