A nude bikini is always a great look. It’s a look loved by celebrities all around and a hot trend for 2019. You can’t go wrong with a nude bikini or a one piece. You can keep it conservative or the sexy route. The sexiness will be determined by the coverage you decide to go with, but you can find a nude swimsuit for any occasion.

Here are our favorite nude styles, chose the best one for the occasion


Our Top Nude Bikinis 

  • Kai Beige Top and Dayja High Waisted- The Kai is a padded triangle top. We have paired this top with the Dayja High Waisted bottom which offers cris-cross details on the sides. This is a really classy nude look. The criss-cross details on the side gives the look some personality.
  • Emma Wrap Top and Teeny Bottom - A nude wrap top is a great 'sporty look.' This top does not have any padding and it ties at the back. The Emma is paired with the Teeny bottom which is a very flattering nude brazilian bikini.
  • Cora Top and Kara Bottom - This is a great off the shoulder nude top paired with a moderate coverage seamless bottom. 


Nude One Pieces and Monokinis

  • Selena Beige One Piece - The Selena is a very classy high neck one piece. This nude one piece also includes padding. This suit also offers full coverage.
  • Dani Beige Monokini - The Dani is one of best selling styles. The top ties at he back and fill alow you to show off your cleavage. 
  • Sklyar Myla Nude Brazilian - This is a 'show-stopper.' If you are looking fro a nude one piece with brazilian coverage this is it. The Myla Nude version of the Skylar is made with a 'shiny-textured' nude fabric.
  • Skylar Beige One Piece - The Skylar Beige is another sexy brazilian nude one piece option, but in this case the fabric is a nude-beige and its not textured or shiny. 
  • Ciara One Piece - The Ciara is the perfect nude bandeau one piece. Bandeaus or strapless are great for tanning. 
  • Giana Nude One Piece - The Giana includes criss-cross detailing on the sides. This look is not as conservative as the Selena or the Ciara, but definitely unique. 
  • Alegra Beige One Piece - This nude one shoulder one piece is a very stylish look and a perfect style to go from beach to bar. The off the shoulder look is perfect with a small cup size that is looking to create volume on the top. 
  • Ezra One Piece - The Ezra nude one piece is a very modest look perfect for all body types. It does not include any padding, but you can adjust the straps at the back.

Nude styles have come into our lives to give us a sexy yet simple look at any time. For big designers like Kanye West is all about showing our true nature and inner beauty focusing solely on what is real.

Nude colors have always been considered more formal and suitable for women in formal events. However, this popular trend can be worn to give your overall aspect a fresh new look and to show off a more attractive appeareance. Socialites and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigen and Hailey Baldwin are generally photographed wearing nude clothing at events, the gym, the park, the beach and the pool.

Nude styles are based on all the existing skin tones in the world. Designs can vary but the emphasis on showing how beautiful all skin tones are it is what truly matters. The best thing about the trend is that it reflects the 1000 different shades of color in human skin. It is a movement that has absolutely compelled the fashion and beauty industry into natural and soft creamy colors like beige, peach and other pastel colors. Makeup companies have released nude shades of eye makeup, blushes, highlighters, lipsticks and even nail polish. Kylie Jenner has gone a step ahead of her competitors by releasing nude matte lipsticks and Kim Kardashian has awed the public with her brand new nude foundations. Fashion brands like Christian Louboutin, Kanye West have also released clothing and shoe collections concentrating mainly on nude colors. It is definitely a tendency that is moving the masses and shows no signs of slowing down. It is by far one of the most important trends of the century.

Nude bikinis are essentially a new trend that famous people made popular. Nevertheless, it is aesthetic and beautiful because it depicts the various shades of skin tones that exist. This is a lovely message because it does not have space for racism or any sort of discrimination. Nude styles are real, honest and deserve all the fuzz they get. In the swim world nude swimsuits are the new black swimsuits. Everyone tries to get a hold of one. An Instagram post from Kylie Jenner wearing a nude bikini by the pool on Instagram can spark millions of likes and comments. This means people crave that naked not-so-naked look without really showing off a lot of skin.

Brands that want to achieve a better position within the market or that simply want to open up to new opportunities understand why mastering this trend is vital for their development altogether. In the Orchid Boutique we believe in presenting the best swimsuit brands to our customers. We want our clients to have the best online shopping experience and to purchase the best swim products in the market. All of our brands are quality designer brands with a clear understanding of fashion, quality and style. To name a few of our best brands we can find: Maylana, Orchid Label, Agua Bendita, Ondademar, Malai, Palmarosa, Touche and Mar de Rosas. Each one of these brands has something special and different that lets them stand out from the others. We want our customers to not just get the best online shopping experience but to find anything they are looking for on our site.

Maylana Swimwear, the Colombian swimsuit brand popular for its revolutionary desire to fill a void in the market for affordable high-end designer swimsuits has shown in the last couple of years that has all the capacity to position itself as one of the world’s top designer bathing suit brands. Its diversity of styles and designs along with its affordable prices makes of it a top notch option for high quality bathing suits. Maylana’s new 2018 collection has a vibrant set of styles and designs to cover the world’s demands. The best styles are by far the Myla Nude and the solids: Beige, Peach. These are the nude styles in the 2018 collection and have become one of the favorites this year.

You can wear nude bathing suits anywhere because they are simply super versatile and perfect for any occasion. Nude swimwear has the perfect combination between sexy and sophisticated. It is a style that will mark 2018 just how high-waisted bottoms marked the 50’s and still does now.  The best thing about this trend is that is perfect to be used as underwear. Bathing suits fabrics are soft and expandable in order to allow comfortable movement.        Wearing for instance a Teeny Solid Beige and Maky Solid Beige under your regular clothes makes it a perfect outfit for vacations and holidays! You can wear normal clothes to go out and have your swimsuit ready just in case you decide to hit the beach or the pool. It’s all about flexibility.

Nude Swimwear industry is booming right now. During this summer there was not a famous celebrity Instagram post that did not feature a nude swimsuit at the beach or event. Teenagers and young women all over the world are going crazy over this brand new trend that plans to stay. Here in the Orchid Boutique we have brands like Maylana Swimwear that feature a wide range of textured and solid nude bathing suits for any body type, style and taste.  The Myla Nude collection is a best seller between teens because it basically screams chic and fab. The solid beige and peach collection is an all-time favorite between women of all ages, because it is stylish, graceful and classy. There is such a vast spectrum of nude bikinis it is almost guaranteed you will find a bathing suit that equals your skin tone so you can rock the nearly-naked look any day. It is all about the illusion of nudity, because nudity is trendy right now.

If you are interested in trying out this sexy new trend my advice would be to get yourself a string tie-side bottom, preferably a cheeky one and a matching Bralette top. The Teeny Beige bottom and Maky Beige top by Maylana Swimwear would be ideal for the perfect look. If you are looking for something more conservative the Ace Myla Nude by Maylana Swimwear has the perfect caged design to rock the nude style like nobody else and at the same time to feel sexy! A nude swimsuit that matches your skin color can be extremely flattering. It gives you a more slender figure if you use light shades and a curvier figure if you choose darker tones. The Orchid Boutique and all the brands in it make up a revolutionary company that wants to change the way people access high-quality swimsuits and overall swimwear fashion.

Nude beachwear is fun, sexy, classy, trendy and glam. Come and pick out a swimsuit that will forever transform the way you think about swim fashion! Nude bikinis are here to stay.