Off the Shoulder

The 'Off-the-Shoulder' trend is an impeccable accent at the beach, since it spells romance and carries a spring feel. An off-the-shoulder bikini top or one piece lends itself to that breezy flow of ruffles, and that nostalgia theme. We are not only seeing it on the runway and on ready to wear catalogs, but this trend has taken over the swimwear industry, and positioned itself as a hands down bestseller. The darling of bloggers and influences all over, an off-the-shoulder top shows a little without showing too much.

The great thing about off-the-shoulder swimsuits is that they work with prints as well as solids. It’s a perfect top to throw on with a pair of shorts or a jeans skirt, coupled with some sandals. A lot of people wonder how to wear off-the-shoulder bikini tops for daywear, and the truth is, there’s not an exclusive answer. A pair of hoop earrings, a bun, and a skirt paired with an off-the-shoulder swimsuit top alludes to romance and latin flair. You can also do stud earrings with the off-the-shoulder bikini and hair to the side to give the look an elegant feel. We’ve seen numerous women also pair an off-the-shoulder one piece with some jeans and boots to give the look an edgier feel.

Another good thing that happens when you wear off-the-shoulder swimwear tops is the allusion of more volume. Small bust girls rejoice, the off-the-shoulder bikini tops do wonders without the need for padded cups. Lately we’ve also seen the off-the-shoulder trend done without ruffles, just plain, straight lines, exposed bra, or one lazy off-the-shoulder flowing down the bust line. We’re very into off-the-shoulder swimwear that colorblocks or matches print with solids while dividing shoulder with torso fabrics.

We have seen this trend on the runway and celebrities are loving it. Like other trends it has trickled down to swimwear and it’s a haute look this season. Exposing your shoulders is a classy and chic way of showing some skin. The off-the shoulder trend goes well in a bikini or a one piece. Brands such as Maylana, Estivo, and Malai have captured the off-the-shoulder trend in their collection. The trend goes well in solids or mix/matched with tropical prints.


Maylana Swim has included the off-the-shoulder trend in its 2019 collection. The trend can be seen as an off-the-shoulder bikini top or as an off-the-shoulder one piece bathing suit if you feeling a little bit more conservative. Maylana has included floral off-the-shoulder one piece swimsuits as well as solid pieces to personify this trend.

An Off-the-shoulder bikini top is a classy piece that has to be included in any summer wardrobe. It can be paired with a pair of denim shorts and make an easy transition from beach to bar. We recommend this top for women that want a piece to create the sense of more volume at the top and maintain a classy look.