Padded swimsuits and push up bikini tops come in a variety of top styles, such as halter, balconet, triangle, tankini, and bandeau. One of the most popular swimwear trends, padded swimwear tops work to accentuate and enhance your bust area while providing a flattering and comfortable fit around the chest. Many times, padded swimwear will be accompanied by an underwire for extra support and lift - this feature is an added bonus for those with small chests who seek a top that will give them the added enhancement they desire. The padding may also be removable, so you can adjust the level of coverage and support that you get from one suit. Because of their versatility, padded tops can really work for women of all cup sizes as they help to create the ideal shape and fit. One of the best benefits of having a padded bikini is that the padding can be used to help the top's fabric stay in place and actually create additional cleavage, especially for small busts. Apart from the many benefits of padded swimsuits, our hand-selected designers make sure their swimsuit tops are made with just the right amount of padding, always mindful of the problematic “spongy” look that haunts poorly made padded bikinis. Our padded tops and push up bikinis are the best of the best, so The Orchid Boutique is your one-stop shop for padded swimwear. Discover our selection of padded bikinis and swimsuits today!

Bust pads also referred to as falsies started out as cone shaped bras that made women look like they had pointed boobs which was actually a very realistic model of how the real women anatomy looks like. These cone shaped supportive pieces of fabric gave small chested women the capacity to rock dresses, corsets and bathing suits, giving the impression of a larger fitter breast area. Padded cups have been used since the 1940’s inside bras to give women an enhanced fit when wearing garments or corsets. Besides that, it used to give women a more attractive and healthy figure, that was highly praised at the time. Extra padding often gave the bust a sort of pointed shape that was desired by all women back then.

Bikinis have been part of our history for years now, but as much we consider it normal it was not a century ago. The idea of wearing a swimsuit was seen as outrageous by the public and even the Vatican itself. Women were not supposed to show their skin, let alone expose their bodies at public places. It was a deeply oppressive society towards women and their rights.

Somehow with the passing of time people’s minds started to accept the idea of women taking control of their bodies and suddenly trips to the beach and hot vacation spots became a thing. A whole industry was created out of love for the beach. That is how the swimsuit frenzy began.

Although it is true some padded cups -like the ones used in the bullet bras- were generally uncomfortable to women due to the extreme shape of the cup and the circular stitches that created the illusion of a complete cone-like figure, women used to wear them for the sake of fashion. Vogue made sure of that! Nowadays, women use soft padded cups that pretty much only serve as support and as an extra comfortable cushion for the breasts.

In the swimwear industry padded cups are commonly preferred to unpadded cups due to the flexibility, comfortability and versatility of the object. Women are really insecure when it comes to their body, which is why choosing a bathing suit is a big deal for most women.  It is well-known throughout most cultures that women prefer larger breast sizes because it is considered more attractive and appealing. However, not everyone has naturally a big bust. That is why besides being an extra comfortable and versatile feature in bikini tops, padding is used as a “bust enhancer” to showcase your best attributes in a comfortable and easy way.

Padded bikini tops are mostly made with underwire to give that extra support to large breasts that also want to enjoy the pros of padded tops. These two amazing features combined make up the perfect push-up top too. The additional boost that this kind of top offers makes them ideal to increase the volume of the breasts and make them appear as larger and rounder. Magically, one of these beautiful padded tops can make you look like a completely different person in a matter of seconds.

Padding was first used in bras to give breasts a lift and a slightly rounder form, but as soon as it was discovered by the swimwear industry it caused a padding mania all over the world. Women learnt they didn’t have to change their bodies to get their desired look in their next vacation. This sprung a crazy frenzy demand for padded bikinis in the market. An iconic swim feature was born.

Maylana Swimwear and Orchid Label are renowned world-class brands that understand padded bikini tops are essential in every collection and should be one of their best seller tops. Maylana and Orchid Label have gorgeous tops like the: Kai, Kali, Willa and Tash. These are wonderful tops designs that can be used for any vacation and event. The Kai and Willa tops are triangle style tops that look extra fabulous for any beach day or pool party. These two tops offer great support for D Cups sizes due to the versatility of the style. The Kali and Tash swim tops are by far one of the sportiest tops in the whole collection; this makes them perfect for beach strolls, exercise and fancier events due to the extra fabric and reinforce provided. Also the Kai and Tash swimming tops are characterized by having removable pads for extra versatility and adaptability.

Padded Bikini tops are popular in every bathing suit brand. In our own Orchid Boutique collection we have a plethora of notorious brands from swim fashion world. Between the most well-known ones are Agua Bendita, Ondademar, Maylana, Orchid Label, Malai, Touche, Mar de Rosas , Palmarosa, Pily Q and Vitamin A. Agua Bendita lovers adore the Bendito Lolita, Bendito Mia and Bendito Bruna padded tops. Touche maniacs are often crazy about color block; the best padded tops are Touche Blaze, Jujube, Perennial and Murky from the 2017 collection in bandeau, bralette and triangle designs. Ondademar has the most iconic and stylish padded tops: Havana, Tropicalia, Artemisa, Baradero, Mojito, Ceramic, Buenavista and Malecom.

One of the most amazing benefits of using padded cups in your bikini top is the great comfort and support it can give you! It is great you get to look like a bombshell with your padding top, but the comfort that it provides makes it way better than any other top. If you have a sensitive breast area then padded tops are your way to go to give your bust the extra enhancement without causing any annoying discomfort or marks on your skin.

Most women know that padded tops come in two different ways: sewn into the bra and removable so you can decide when to wear them and when to take them off. What most women don’t know about is the wide range of material this paddings can have and the variety of shapes it can come in to assure the best fit by the user.  Padding can be made up of water, air, thick foam, gel or synthetic material. It also comes in various styles like fully padded or with only a small amount of padding. There is certainly a right bikini padded top for you in our well-known collection.

There are literally a gazillion benefits you can get from using a padded top; one of the best is the constant protection of your breasts anywhere. It is no lie women nowadays use their bikini tops as bras because what’s best than to wear comfortable and sexy fashion. Padded bikini tops can be worn as bras under a sexy low cut shirt and expose that extra cleavage you have always wanted to show. The second best advantage of padded bikini tops is that they can actually make you look a cup size fuller, rounder and larger.

I believe we can all agree padded bikini tops are a blessing! Lots of women around the globe can’t even imagine a day without their favorite padded top. In a world where fashion magazines are always trying to portray how beauty is supposed to look like, it is a lucky thing to have a top that makes you feel good about yourself without actually changing your body. Confidence is the new sexy and 2017 women know it. Padding might look like a simple feature but the benefits are gigantic. Maylana Swimwear and Orchid Label are brands that understand how women feel and want to look. That is why they are little by little gaining more popularity and loyal customers.