Touche Swimwear is a Colombian beachwear and underwear brand that exemplifies luxury for the sophisticated women. It was founded in 1987 with the objective to be recognized by its high quality products and delicate materials. With their unique, elegant, classy, and romantic pieces, Touche Swimwear is always seeking to satisfy the demand of their glamorous and sophisticated customers, by always creating swimsuits and bikinis that are ideal for every beach occasion and that enhance the women’s body. Touche Swimwear believes that innovating and investigating are the most important things to create a creative and unique piece that will respond to the desires of the avant-garde woman; they are passionate about minimalist and clean combinations that differentiate them from their competitors.

Touche Swimwear has presence in over 25 countries, either through their own stores or franchises and boutiques. The brand is always seeking to expand its horizons by continuously creating beachwear and underwear pieces that meet the needs to the diverse markets around the world. Touche uses lightweight materials, classy colors, elegant fabrics and high end accessories to transform their swimsuits and bikinis in a piece of art that gives the brand a timeless exclusive and sensual touch; fulfilling their customer’s desires to build a strong relationship with them is what sparks their creative process.  By being always in the search for new beachwear trends, Touche Swimwear has positioned itself one step ahead from their competitors with silhouettes that are eye-candy for bikini lovers and must haves for every women’s wardrobe.

Touche Swimwear will always have something for each body shape, from inverted triangle silhouettes to straight ones.














Whether you’re in the hunt for an ultra-feminine bikini or a fun swimsuit, this brand will provide you with the hottest trends to make you unnoticeable at even the most crowded beach or pool. Touche Swimwear collections offer an extensive range of bathing suits, two piece bikinis, beach dresses and cover ups designed for the avant-garde woman, and also a perfect mesh of fashion, comfort and quality. This brand is known for creating swimwear that is sexy and sophisticated at the same time and throughout the years they have been able to incorporate new fashions that are guaranteed to turn lots of heads and make a major statement everywhere. Touche Swimwear brand new 2019 collection boasts the perfect combination of classy, flirty, and elegant beach looks, and that are a great alternative for those lazy beach days where we want to look nothing but glamourous.

There is no denying that Touche Swimwear is one of the most fabulous brands in the swimwear scene, and not bringing one of its pieces to your next tropical destination is something you will regret.  The well-known beachwear and underwear brand is always creating designs that are extremely comfortable, that will boost your confidence and that will make you flaunt your inner mermaid. The new arrivals from the 2019 collection symbolize the essence of the classy woman spirit who yearns for sophisticated swimwear  and feature stunning colors and one-of-a-kind styles, so get your designer piece now and be prepared to have all eyes on you, as there’s no doubt that they will be selling really fast! Touche is all about putting the “sensual” in swimwear and their new collection is no exception for that. The entire collection is now available at our site and promises to be remarkable and to delight your inner fashionista, so, if you are looking for the ultimate beach babe look that provides the perfect fit, look no further than Touche Swimwear and shop its gorgeous and newest arrivals at The Orchid Boutique Today!