Verde Limón

The new Verde Limon collection has arrived with brand new designs providing creative and stylish swimwear. The avant garde Verde Limon swimwear from Colombia found itself with tropical, floral and colored inspiration with beautiful designs that flatters any type of body.

The Verde Limon brand represents sophisticated and contemporary women who seek for perfection and beauty in tops, bottoms and one piece. In this exotic brand you can find floral, tropical and wildlife combinations in every silhouette. The pieces of designs can create and reflect the aspect of a feminine, attractive and romantic body. You can find a great variety of conservative and sexy designs you can use in any get away with friends or family.  From solid colors to vibrant colors and ethnic prints will make you feel like a beach goddess.

Since 2016, Verde Limon Swimwear has provided many styles not only for girls who desire cute and delicate swimsuits with ruffles designs and pale colors but also for girls who prefer sexy and sassy designs with electric colors and a variety of combinations of prints.  With Verde Limon Swimwear you can find many unique designs with flowers and animals prints combined with stripes or vibrant solid colors that cannot be found in any other brand.

The new 2019 collection of Verde Limon provide many designs and styles inspired on intense and vivid colors perfect for girls who like to impose new fashion trends and feel distinguish among many. The animals in this new collection play a very important role since the colors of the animals and the background provide the perfect combination of one of a kind design. You can find in this brand new brand flattering designs with playful prints of animals, plants, fruits and flowers that will proportionate the perfect unique and exotic look for the beach.

There is no doubt you will find the perfect combination for your bikini or a one piece that will boost your confidence at the beach. This brand is well known from combining different prints and making amazing looks and revolutionizing with new trends for girls that don’t feel afraid of trying new mixtures. The tops and bottoms of Verde Limon swimwear of this brand new 2019 collection, brings remarkable designs and stunning colors and prints creating ultimate looks with good quality and elegant fabrics.  The unique designs and prints have positioned this brand to step up to position in new countries to fulfill the desire of many bikini lovers who are looking for new trends and comfort at the same time.

Verde Limon swimwear have always provided their clients the possibility to feel comfortable at the beach, that is why their collections have something for each body shape, from straight ones to diamond body type. It provides from sexy styles with flattering designs that will guaranteed to turn lots of heads with amazing looks and will also provide classy and elegant designs with an amazing combination of flirty and elegant beach looks that will for sure make you feel glamorous.

This brand is very well known not only for the amazing and unique combinations but also for the electric and vibrant colors bringing retro vibes and modern looks to this upcoming 2019 trends. This New Year is all about the tropics and floweret prints with inspiring combinations with delicate fabric printed with animals. The symmetric and asymmetric patterns combined with the mix and match trend of prints; put this brand at the top with unique and creative trends perfect for those who are looking for the perfect fit with new vibrant look.

Verde Limon Swimwear is now available with new arrivals at our website with ultimate trends and gorgeous looks.