Wedding White

 White bikinis have been a pivotal part of many vacationers’ wardrobes. The color has so many iterations. When it comes to swimwear, white is certainly not a color that should be limited to a specific timeframe. Contrary to popular belief, white swimsuits are not just to be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. With the wonderful invention of spray tanning (or tanning lotions), white swimsuits look amazing on all hair tones and body types. What’s more, white bikinis and one pieces work great with beach, sand, blue oceans, pools and island vibes. Just in case snapping and sharing is a thing for you.

White bikinis have become a symbol for bachelorette parties. Friends of the bride and the bride herself look for white swimsuits to don during their bachelorette trips the world over. Or perhaps, if it’s a tropical destination wedding, white swimsuits might replace the wedding dress, as celebrity Pamela Anderson did during her nuptials. It is a regularly accepted premise to call a white swimsuit the “bachelorette swimsuit” of choice. As bachelorette parties continue to occur in tropical destinations, the so called bachelorette party swimwear assortment continues to grow. Of course, when the gang of bachelorette attendees decide to dress alike, usually a combination of white and black swimsuits are popular choices. Wedding white swimsuits are an ideal combination of purity and sensuality that is worth donning for the farewell party of singlehood.

Few pieces allow you to pop against a crowd of patterns and colors like a white swimsuit, and a white bikini is simplistic and classy. White one-piece swimsuits are a staple that all ages should embrace. These pieces come in many different styles and are made by many different designers, allowing you to customize what kind of white bikini you will be seen in at your next poolside event. You can choose a white bikini with hand-made crochet detail, beaded detail, ruffles, or go with a simple white triangle and swim bottom. While older versions of white bikinis infamously came with the see-through-when-wet approach, the new designer white bikinis come with two and sometimes three layers of lining to avoid this mishap.

A fairly warranted thought that comes across many women’s minds is, what if it’s see-through? With the creation of designer white swimwear, the double lining in bikinis and one-pieces allows the user to feel worried of a little water thinning over the private areas. A well-made white bikini doesn’t need to be an embarrassing hazard, rather a fashionable choice. And with a little tan, a white swimsuit - whether it’s a one-piece or two-piece - makes you stand out. The white one-piece swimsuit making a statement nowadays is certainly the white monokini, which of course is a one piece cutout, regularly featuring string ties or beaded hardware. A white monokini is the kind of business in the front, party in the back kind of piece, perfect for island vibes. Whatever your preference may be, a white swimsuit is always a classic which can be mismatched or worn as a solid.