Brazilian Swimwear



At The Orchid Boutique we believe in flaunting what god gave you. We are in favor of women of all sizes that are proud of their assets. For those of you looking for ultra-sexy items to spice up your beach fashion, the best bet is to go with a brazilian bikini. A brazilian bikini is a two-piece suit with a narrow-cut bottom. Not to be confused with a thong or g-string bottom, which bare the buttocks in their entirety. Brazilian bikinis are often referred to as “latin-cut swimwear”, which is a more appropriate term since many swimwear designers from other parts of Latin America excel in designer brazilian cuts.

A brazilian bikini covers less than a moderate coverage bottom, but more than a thong style. It is a sexy yet classy swimsuit style that was popularized in Europe and South America where nudity and sass are less taboo. However, the demand for brazilian bikinis has grown significantly in the U.S. now that more avant-garde and modern women are discovering the benefits of the sexy and unique brazilian cut bottom.

Our selection of brazilian bikinis varies from Sabz, Agua Bendita, and Maaji Swimwear. However, many brazilian cut swimsuit styles are also available in moderate coverage bottoms.

You might be surprised to know that brazilian cut swimwear is not limited to just bikinis. Some of our designer one-piece styles are also available in brazilian bottoms. An ideal brazilian cut one-piece customer is a woman who is very fit but perhaps pregnant or just out of pregnancy. That is why many celebrity moms often choose brazilian cut one-pieces to complement their fabulous beach attire. Even though brazilian bikinis are still the preferred and by far more popular style, brazilian cut one-pieces are an emerging trend among chic women with a daring taste in fashion.

The narrow style bottom of brazilian cut bikinis and one-pieces is sexy but sophisticated. The word originally derived from the type of cut in swimsuit bottoms that women in Brazil always wore (and still do). However, the term has become universally understood as a narrow bikini bottom with a distinct cut. Don’t forget to pick one up in our designer bikinis section.

At The Orchid Boutique, we believe that brazilian bikinis, like diamonds, are something all women ages 18-55 should have!