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Often referred to as monokini swimsuits, monokini one-piece, or monokini bathing suits, this sexy little style is not for the faint of heart. If you'd like to browse all our available styles, click on the link below.

A monokini is, in essence, the combination of a two-piece and a one-piece connected usually via the middle torso. With its peek-a-boo style, monokinis have become the modern (and more popular) version of the one-piece suit.

Don’t ask us why, but girls and trendsetters alike have fallen in love with the monokini swimsuit look. As a result, most luxury designers now incorporate their version of the monokini one-piece into their collections.

Monokini swimsuits are usually a very sexy cutout that looks like a bikini from the back. Less demure than other looks, this avant-garde swimsuit trend shows no sign of leaving the luxury scene.

Even though the formula remains the same (typically connects at front and becomes a two-piece from the back), there are various types of the monokini one-piece, and some of them quite noteworthy.

For one, all styles applicable to designer style transfer flawlessly onto a monokini. This season, trends like fringe, embroidery, and gold hardware detail are evident in the brand new monokinis from brands like L*Space, Agua Bendita, and OndadeMar. But boudoir trends like lace-up, black, and tribal luxe which have been recently adapted to monokini styles are also deemed editorial.

Truth be told, monokini bathings suits follow the same swimwear golden rules as any other style: if you’re bustier on top, a halter style is preferable, while bandeau monokinis are better if you’re trying to avoid tan lines. Additionally, sliding triangle tops and things like skirty bottoms help monokini swimsuits add a touch of versatility. Even though hour glass shapes look best in a cutout like the one below, Agua Bendita and other designers alike tailor their monokinis to really look good on most size 0-10 body types.

We love the monokini because the different designs and variations that can be created which make each style original, trendy and very very sexy. Monokini swimsuits are most often designer styles, and are available as halter, bandeau, ring top and bottom, v-neck, or triangle.All of our current swimsuit designers have at least one monokini style to showcase, and as a result, cutout swimsuits have become our best-sellers. Look for these monokinis under the Shop By Category at the left navigation bar. If you are unsure of what monokini bathing suit would work best for you, feel free to contact one of our fashion advisors at 1-877-288-9564.