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The swimwear world is full of colors, patterns, and textures for bikini bottoms. These are classified according to the coverage they offer, the design they have or for some special feature that distinguishes them.
For example, when we talk about the coverage, the swimsuit bottoms can be divided mainly into Brazilian bikini bottoms, Full coverage bottoms and Moderate coverage bottoms (with Brazilian swimsuits being the most popular of the previous ones because of their sexy design and provocative style). Within this group, we can also include Cheeky Bottoms, whose style gives you slightly less coverage than your regular bikini bottom as it shows more of your buttocks. Basically, it covers more than a Brazilian butt bottom, but less than a moderate coverage swimsuit.
Another way of categorizing the bottoms is by style. Firstly, we have the high waisted bottom, which is the perfect choice for women looking for a vintage vibe and who wants to highlight their curves. On the other hand, there are the Hipster boy-shorts, which are considered the simplest but also the most comfortable option of a bikini bottom. Finally, another classic of the swimsuit bottoms, which is usually accompanied by a triangle bikini top, is the string bottom, which fits your figure providing the perfect look.
In addition to the above, here at The Orchid Boutique there are romantic skirted bottoms, trendy high cut bikinis, sexy scrunch bottoms, and comfortable and reversible seamless bikini bottoms. These are swimsuit styles that are distinguished by their unique characteristics such as the presence of ruffles, ruched details or comfortable seamless design.
 When choosing a bikini, you can combine all these styles to find the one you like best. That's why in The Orchid Boutique we offer you hundreds of high-end options, so you can enjoy your vacation with your ideal swimsuit. Find the perfect fit for your body type, if you need help don't forget that we have fashion specialists ready to help you via chat, phone or email.