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Definitely the bikinis are ageless; this piece was invented back in 1946 and to the day they keep in trend and we can assure you that they will remain like this. The bikini continues to be the preferred choice of multiple women around the world that love adventure, fun and relaxing days at the beach.   Logically in order to pick your favorite bikini you have to consider the top style and the bottom style, now days most of the sites allow you to buy them separately and for each of them there are millions of options.  Let's talk about Bikini Tops this time!
There are tons of different types of swimsuit tops available, however the triangle top has always been the most popular style. Triangle swimsuits are those sexy and provocative garments that can vary depending on the taste of who wears them. Normally these bikini tops are tied with a simple knot in the neck and back, and for those looking for a better fit, they can include additional pads.
Of course there are a lot of other tops like the sporty bralette tops and the strapless bandeau tops. These are also very popular pieces among women around the world; almost in every collection we will find the bralette tops and the bandeau tops. The bralette top is mostly preferred by sporty girls that need to move freely during beach activities, and the bandeau top is preferred by those that don’t want any tan line, need comfort and simplicity.
Bikini tops are made for every body type, for example the halter swim tops or the D+ tops are normally the favorite option for women with a large bust, who need a bikini top that provides support and comfort. Similarly, underwire tops are also a good option for this inverted triangle body types.
Other available swim tops in the market -and that you can find at The Orchid Boutique- are fun Wrap tops or feminine Off the shoulder swim tops. There are also those bikinis that cover a little more than normal such as High neck tops (which do not have a visible neckline) or Crop tops (which are ideal for a festival look or casual outing by the city).
Many of the swim tops available at The Orchid Boutique are reversible, which means you will get two pieces for the price of one! If you are not into reversible swim tops you can always choose from all types of available prints like solid, floral, color block, etc. So cheer up, your ideal Bikini top is waiting for you!